Enterprise culture

Focusing on the creation of recycling life consumption mode, in order to reduce, resource, recycling principle, the development of new environment-friendly food packaging containers, and promote the establishment of its recycling system, the development of new recycling products.

Enterprise service tenet

To excellent product quality and service, adhere to the market demand as the core guide.

According to the enterprise nature of customers, tailored to the satisfaction

of the plastic packaging containers. Build a customer satisfaction

and trustworthy enterprise.

Product ideas

  • Health

    Health-- closed dust-free workshop production, passed iso9001:2000 total quality management, domestic food container industry, take the lead in QS safety and health implementation.

  • Raw materials

    Raw materials -- do not use any recycled materials, all raw materials are new

  • Safety

    Safety--it is the most mature container with the highest safety performance in the world. No harmful substances will dissolve out and affect the food when it is used.

  • Bacteria

    Bacteria--no bacteria passed, because manufacturing molding under the high temperature above 400 ℃.

  • Economy

    Economy--lightweight raw materials, improved product grades, efficient transportation, reduced loss rate, reduced operating costs.

  • Preservation

    Preservation-- to protect food from bacterial contamination in the atmosphere and extend the shelf life of food.