Company profile

Xiamen wellhao environmental protection technology co., LTD is located in xiamen, a seaport city in southeast China. Products factory in xiamen tongan district, the company developed and sold food containers to high-grade environmental protection materials. Is an import and export rights, based on the production, research and development, sales of new materials environmentally friendly food packaging products enterprises and pay attention to the training of sales team enterprises.

Production of products to.environmental protection, health, safety as a guide.
It is widely used in fresh supermarket, restaurant chain, 
bakery chain,food processing plant and many other industries.

The company introduces the domestic full 

automatic production line, can produce various specifications of bread paper bags, 

oil-proof paper bags, fast food paper bags, shopping bags (takeout, packaging bags), etc. 

In addition, there are paper meal boxes, plastic meal boxes,

cake boxes, coffee cups, trays, plastic wrap and a series of products.

At present, the company mainly sells environment-friendly food packaging materials and container products. Production of products to environmental protection, health - oriented. Beautiful, novel features. Take "only the container health, the product can really be called safe health" as the idea. Our products are fully renewable resources, especially the patented material CT, (composite PP). Products are widely used in supermarkets, fast food industry, baking industry, food processing and many other industries.